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  1. Re: "Promote the general welfare of the United States" - doesn't meanwhat leftists think. KA&TN? thanks ever so much in joining with me inCONTINUING to kick the asses of those very nasty traitors-to-OUR-americaneocons! particularly
  2. There is no "right" to health care
  3. Re: The Generals must act…
  4. The Rich seek "External Validation"
  5. less wear on car, save gas, drive 55
  6. Uncle Suckemoff circles the drain!
  7. remind the stupid selfish conservative/lonneytarians what the
  8. The Future Of Solar Power
  9. Re: Free cell phones and airtime for illegal aliens!
  10. Re: 2012 forcast: Food riots, ghost malls, mob rule, riots, terror
  11. Re: A Few Questions for Americans
  12. converting mm measurements to american standard
  13. recover heat from clothes dryer?
  14. Re: How to get rid of a roommate?
  15. Re: How to get rid of a roommate?
  16. AT&T Mobility Offers Unlimited Prepaid for $60/month--Compare thiswith other Unlimited Prepaid Plans
  17. Re: How to get rid of a roommate?
  18. Cell phone service on Verizon's Network: $24.60 for 1200 minutes/1200text or picture messages/50MB of Data.
  19. "needs" vs "mere wants": a false and useless distinction
  20. Re: How to get rid of a roommate?
  21. Planning for Maobama's Tien An Men
  22. Comparison of Unlimited/High Volume Prepaid Wireless Phone PlansAdded to the Prepaid Wireless Web Site
  23. Opposition to Obama's destruction of the health care sector is notabout race
  24. Re: How to get rid of a roommate?
  25. Re: How to get rid of a roommate?
  26. A list of things with descriptions that are deadly to children
  27. Re: Illegal Immigration: A Culture of Corruption
  28. My nephew wrote me for the first time!
  29. Ink Refunds
  30. Fords recalled for catching fire
  31. Honda airbags that impale you with shards of metal
  32. Tycooncashflow :D I'm amazed ;)
  33. Living longer frugally... alzheimers and diabetes cures on the way
  34. tax credits for energy efficiency
  35. Re: Geithner aides made millions on Wall Street
  36. Re: How to get rid of a roommate?
  37. Halloween monsters, real and existing
  38. Reverse Trick or Treat
  39. Eggplant going bad?
  40. was anyone here now, on at the Y2K scare?
  41. Promote the general welfare, Beam me up
  42. Make your own coffee liqueur
  43. "Liberalism is a mental disorder"
  44. Has Your Xbox 360 Died On You?
  45. Bury your money in my yard.
  46. G-Star Men's Long Sleeve T Shirt 028 Fashion and High Quality
  47. Making low cost hand cleaner
  48. DIGITAL TEXTS Giving School Book Publishers The Willies! The Days of$100 Course Texts Coming To A Welcome End!
  49. G-Star Men's Long Sleeve T Shirt 015 Fashion and High Quality
  50. "Latest bank fee is for paying off credit card on time every month"
  51. CallingMart Temporary Coupon Codes (expire 10-23) for T-Mobile Prepaid(10%), AT&T GoPhone (10%), Tracfone (7%), Verizon InPulse (7%), and PagePlus(7%)
  52. Kroger - strategy for getting marked down meat
  53. Fallen Sword
  54. In what way are you LEAST frugal?
  55. Wireless light switch that burns your house down
  56. cheap flashlight catches fire (WTH?!! How can something as simple asa flashlight be screwed up this badly)
  57. Chenille bathrobe that killed 9 people recalled
  58. Durabrand dvd players going up in flames
  59. AARP: REVERSE MORTGAGES Can Reverse Seniors' Peace of Mind! Don'tBe A Sucker!
  60. Clearing The Air With Rod Speed
  61. Money Boy and Chase Manhattan Bank...... amazing. I had stoppedby like and idiot to open....
  62. Toyota Yaris?
  63. Sprint is launching new Palm Phone and this time for only $99
  64. Online Stores Directory
  65. Could you live without clothes dryer? Washer only?
  66. Mother Earth News website, frugal
  67. clothes dryer heat
  68. PBS Irish potato famine I think I found a cheap diet
  69. cure all diseases at http://www.cidpusa.org doctor evaluation for $15any disorder
  70. Profiting From Posts
  71. No chickens
  72. RE: How to get rid of a roommate?
  73. DC to AC to DC
  74. Frugal Carpet Cleaning Solution For Steam Cleaners?
  75. the "economy" and "good news" .
  76. List of product recalls
  77. Wireless Speakers
  78. free traffic
  79. Guess Who Wants To Continue FLEECING You With OVERDRAFT "Protection"?The U.S. Repug Empire!
  80. Finally a Price Dropped for Me
  81. Banking history note
  82. How much was your dollar worth, put year in slot
  83. $4,580 - good price for heat pump & water heater installed?
  84. Ground beef recall due E-coli contamination
  85. Re: U.S. government to steal one hour
  86. products behind wrong price stickers at stores - on purpose?
  87. free traffic
  88. anyone think of a solution to this clinical trials problem?
  89. diy rack for oven problem
  90. Hureon Consulting Free Consumer Information DVD's
  91. Atlantis Word Processor, Trialpay & RealArcade GamePass
  92. Re: U.S. government to steal one hour
  93. paid $10.99 shipping on $9.99 SD card
  94. Pat
  95. So Much For CEO Pay Reform: Nolan D. Archibald Says "No" To $21Million!
  96. Fire starting "kit"
  97. Unemployment hits 10.2% for October. What's behind that number?
  98. Definitions of Frugality
  99. slowpoke general contractor got us $6,000!!! (home tax credit)
  100. Finally the answers you have wanted are available...
  101. Subsidy Nonsense Yet Again (was: ... Live Well w/o a Car ...)
  102. Cat gets sick with swine flu
  103. The Neti Pot
  104. resurfacing/sealing driveway - looking for grey color, not black
  105. Dustmites Mold Common House Dust
  106. No Swine Flu Sick Leave For Wal-Mart Slaves! No SURPRISE, Either!
  107. Maclaren strollers recalled for amputating fingers
  108. Electric razor?
  109. Telemarketing
  110. Burning "wet" newspapers
  111. Fangoria subscription through March 2012 for trade
  112. O.T. the war has been won !
  113. CDC instructions on how to make liquid tamaflu
  114. The Poor in Basra
  115. Hey Rod Speed, look out your windo
  116. a friend can help you move.....
  117. found a site, shipping container and other green stuff
  118. Help desperately needed...
  119. VYTORIN & ZETIA? Study Says They're NOT EFFECTIVE As Advertised OnTV! Be Warned!
  120. Reverse World Teathre Comedy by ~0windyday0
  121. The Earth to begin healing;
  122. O.T? the Neo-Con try to con Iraq.
  123. Re: America's Greatest Speaker, (51 seconds)
  124. I need you opinion; help me finish my dissertation
  125. Solar cells for less than 1 USD per Watt
  126. Cookware
  127. Surprise! California does something stupid - again.
  128. National Broadband Plan
  129. Please do not buy a new car.
  130. Learn More About Where to Look for Real Online Jobs
  131. Re: The caliber of Verizon Wireless' customer service reps
  132. Senate committee investigates "scam" benefiting some major online companies
  133. Carter years revisited?
  134. Tis The Season To Save Money
  135. thinking about starting your own buisness
  136. No gift giving this Christmas...
  137. HAVOC
  138. Remember: USA housing bust = DEEPLY AND DIRECTLY linked to illegal aliens
  139. replacing a muffler on 1994 Dodge Caravan
  140. Usury: A Short History of Banking
  141. Stork Craft, Fisher Price cribs recalled due to entrapment/suffocationhazard.
  142. Has Your Xbox 360 Died On You?
  143. Compassion for the Rich & attractive?
  144. Food storage calculation
  145. What's up Rod Speed?
  146. The back lash begins
  147. does taking from recycling container = stealing?
  148. Re: does taking from recycling container = stealing?
  149. Black Friday Deals: Buy the Right PC, Not the Cheapest
  150. Satellite Radio
  151. fresh comfortable sneakers
  152. The Viscount Monckton of Brenchley challenge
  153. Discovery channel video on how to survive a tornado
  154. As a pressure group, we have to emotionalize issues
  155. Idiot interviewing Idiot
  156. P T Barnum Gore, gets caught in his lies, public records tell the tale Gore holds OIL STOCKs
  157. Re: Review: "How To Live Well Without Owning a Car - Save Money, Breathe Easier, and Get More Mileage Out of Life" by Chris Balish
  158. Seeking Rec for New Vacuum Cleaner
  159. anywhere near you Rod?
  160. is there a alcoholism NG
  161. Carbon monoxide dangers and winter heating
  162. Doomdayers take a back seat LOL
  163. the Economics of war.
  164. Re: RINO Gov. Huckabee commuted sentence of Seattle cop killer! Now RINO Gov. Kennedynegger wants to release 40K criminals in California!
  165. Need advice on eBook readers
  166. The healthcare bill is so bad
  167. ho ho ho hee hee hee
  168. Re: RINO Gov. Huckabee commuted sentence of Seattle cop killer! Now RINO Gov. Kennedynegger wants to release 40K criminals in California!
  169. Small washing machines
  170. Lifting a person
  171. How "Damage Points" affect your FICO credit score
  172. Air bed leak
  173. going green isn't cheap
  174. guess I know where Rod will be tomorrow
  175. quote of the day
  176. Thrift stores - rising prices?
  177. Gore can't take the HEAT
  178. Hoot!
  179. Middle class decimated under GW
  180. $6 for the Sunday New York Times?
  181. Indoor diy barbeques
  182. Frugal living in Russia as management goes homeless
  183. Friend, are you giving up?
  184. A couple of things you ought to know about the Healthcare Bill
  185. hacking
  186. YOU LIED
  187. Cindy Hamilton
  188. 5.375% locked in 30 year mortgage!
  189. Product recall: 2 infants killed in Amby Baby hammocks
  190. Free credit reports?
  191. How To Fix A Leaking Kitchen Sink Drain - Guide & Pictures
  192. FS: DVDs
  193. cinnamon pine cones
  194. Culligan IC-100 Refrigerator Icemaker Installation Guide
  195. Broke? Go shopping!
  196. Preposterous lies about Charles Novins retracted by masked, cowardlycritics.
  197. "Find the best filter for your tap water"
  198. How to glue? weld? join? plastic
  199. A machine that will roll wheat kernals into flakes
  200. On keeping your friends after winning the lottery
  201. How cold is it?
  202. Most roman and roll up blinds "recalled for repair" due tostrangulation hazard
  203. Why Schwab Visa’s 2 Percent Rebate May Fall
  204. Christmas turkey from Waitrose or Tesco's ?
  205. Do prices for rental cars go up or down if you wait longer (i.e.closer to the date you are actually renting)?
  206. Frugal Health Care
  207. Electric blanket or electric mattress pad
  208. %%%% Offer Miumiu,Jimmy Choo,D&G,Baby Phat,Dooney&Bourke Handbags
  209. Acer Aspire AS1410-2285 11.6" Laptop Computer Review
  210. Tijuanna economics
  211. Con.Kirk, elderly will suffer under HCR
  212. Frugal Health care?
  213. Article about dangerous counterfiet Christmas lights with fake ULstickers
  214. Re: UL code compliance checking tool (handy for things such as Xmaslights even if they have the holographic sticker.)
  215. Re: Why is our government importing 1.5 million workers a year?
  216. Global Warming and what you can do to against it
  217. Miss Manners on the Spartan home lifestyle - and others' rudecomments
  218. Utility Bill Is One More Casualty of Recession
  219. update on Burning Newsprint for heat.
  220. Toyota and Lexus owners must remove driver's side floormat if youhave bnot done so already
  221. Arrest Information 1064 Fox Meadow Way
  222. 2010 Financial Resolution Guide: 10 Choices – A La Carte Style
  223. Atty Charles Novins Pursues Legal challenge to Protect Innocents FromInternet Vandals
  224. Tylenol recall
  225. Cinnamon
  226. 2009: The Year Wall Street Bounced Back & Main Street Got Shafted
  227. Free health care?
  228. Our New Calendar by Louise Hay
  229. outrageous taxes and fees on international travel
  230. Brita water filter
  231. Portable word processor
  232. Warning about plumbers
  233. Info commercials that hide the total price
  234. old member reutrns to complain
  235. Don't Get Robbed at the Supermarket
  236. Culligan IC-EZ-1 Drinking Water Filter Installation Guide
  237. H&M and Wal-Mart destroy and trash unsold goods
  238. Frugal education ?
  240. Re: Time for DEPORTATION FOR JOBS
  241. Zenni Optical
  242. Have NOT used dryer for months now and may get rid of it
  243. Today's dumpster find: Mega Shreder.
  244. Too much ease can be a baaaad thang.
  245. de-chlorinate Tea.
  246. Vision Improvement , a re-post
  247. frugal storm windows - Desi can't.
  248. Solar Real Estate
  249. If car totaled, how much paid?
  250. Kids' allowances: When did they begin in U.S.?