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Tan Coul
June 22nd 03, 10:28 PM
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>> Bigpockets have a 100% satisfaction gaurentee with those disks, they will
>> swap out any duffs. Unfortunatly, there is quaite a few catches to the
>> guarentee thou.. The disk of choice, is the RITEKG04 disk...
>I had my 3 105s arrive today :-) I took the Datawrite out of the basket at
>the last minute and swapped them for Bulkpaq, a quick read of the forums
>seemed to indicate problems with Red Datawrite and the 105.

Well, the first Datawrite Red played no problem on my DVD player, and
the 4x data discs I've made have been rock solid, so maybe they
weren't quite such a bad buy...
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