View Full Version : free games rentals and cheap console/pc games

June 23rd 03, 02:12 AM
hey, after doing that post on dvd rental places i had a look round for
some games services and found 2 ones which look ok.

<a href="http://dpds.net/?0000BI">Loan gamer</a>: This place do PC,
gamecube, PS2 and X-box games, a one week free trial and the price is
11.99 a month. Seem to have an ok selection, you can also rent for 5
days but this is a bit pricey.
They also do ex-rental games cheap, but the selection isnt great.

<a href="http://dpds.net/?0000BH">Games to go</a>: This place does
rentals for Playstation2, X-box, game boy advance and gamecube, do a
free 10 day trial and prices start from 7.99 for a ****ty package and
10.99 for a 1 game a month, unlimited games a month package. add an
extra pound if u want return post included. Give the free trial ago,
you should be able to get 3/4 games in that time then dump them if
there crap :)

give the free trials ago and let us know how u get on