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June 24th 03, 12:53 PM
In article >,=20
> Were after a combi driver with hammer battery drill. Something with varia=
> torque and good trigger speed control as well as keyless chuck. Does any=
> know of any good deals, something under the =A3150 mark. Screwfix have fe=
> models for like =A370 but I'm not trusting of their quality, something li=
> dewat is way over budget. Any suggestions on the best deal?

A friend who's heavily into DIY, bought a Ferm belt sander and while he=20
knows Ferm aren't top quality, it does a good job and he can't fault it=20
for what he puts it through! To put it in perspective, he's into=20
building 20x20 sheds from scratch type DIY, rather than the flatpack type=
DIY so it gets heavy use. Plus Screwfix have a good warranty on such=20
items. I'm more your flatpack type DIYer and I reckon the Ferm stuff=20
would last me a lifetime. :)

Other cheaper brands that seem to have a good reputation is Axminster and=
as mentioned in the thread Bosch are very good.

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