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June 24th 03, 05:21 PM
This can be counted as a discount because the site has offers such as
"apply for the accucard and get 50p commission" so it's well worth doing if
you were going to sign up for the cards / buy from the stores anyway. Check
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you can get money just for clicking ads in some cases. I just withdrew £1.02
via PayPal (they post cheques and stuff too) - this site is creating a buzz
in the freebies group and I can see some nice moeny making potential in it.
Earn high commission from just clicking adverts (seriously - no BS):
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June 26th 03, 01:08 AM
Barry Wright wrote:
> Its possible to get £3.50 for applying and £25 if successful and the
> same for every friend.
> ;-)
> Barry
> http://www.the-jigsaw.co.uk

Hi, what do you mean by this? An offer on the site?

Earn money by clicking banner ads and getting a cut of the ad revenue.
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