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June 25th 03, 09:45 PM

Can anyone recommend a cheap mobile phone deals?

I have been with bt/o2 now for about 7 years. I gave them a call today to
renew my pay in advance, it was for a period of 12 months. For the last four
year they have been doing a special deal for existing customers. I was
paying £79 for the year, with 75 minutes free calls ( anytime) for each
month. They now tell me they've put the price up to £120 for the year which
I think is quite a jump from £79. I don't use my mobile that often so it was
a good deal for me. I had not bill coming in each month, except when I did
go over the 75 minutes

I would be grateful if anyone could recommend a mobile phone deal very
similar or even better?, I don't want a pay as you go.

Thanks in advance

June 26th 03, 12:27 AM
"JA*" > wrote in message
> Hi
> Can anyone recommend a cheap mobile phone deals?

www.vodafone.co.uk are offering an 8310 with 100x-net + 50 texts for £15 a
month, that would be a minimum of £180 for a year. 8310's are going for
around £90-£100 on ebay so the deal would not be dissimilar to your previous
one (assuming no phone was included in your old deal).

There are also various cashback deals out there, I got mine from Mobile
Phones Direct, but am not sure whether they are doing that now.