View Full Version : How frustrating is that? Avoiding US-only sites.

June 26th 03, 03:33 PM
I don't know if you keep clicking on a link with interesting products
only to find it is in the USA. I like this site as - so far - it seems
that everything is geared to the UK, yet it is also very comprehensive
with hundreds of stores offering everything from books, through
computers, software, CDs, furnishings, gadgets, gifts and posters to
travel! It may not be the prettiest of web sites, but it works!

Check it out and see what you think - http://www.deliver2.me.uk

June 26th 03, 04:05 PM
spam spam spam. its just your own site with affliate links, were not stupid

June 26th 03, 04:19 PM
This NG seems to be attracting a lot of spamming ******* lately!?

What makes me laugh is that they could believe anyone is going to trust
their website when they are already using underhand methods to promote it.