View Full Version : Re: Discounted goods n cash back????

Bill Bennett
June 26th 03, 07:09 PM
You got the URL wrong - its http://tinyurl.com/f08u ;-)

"Steamroller" > wrote in message
> Hi
> You can have discounted goods and services just by clicking the
following link
> and joining up to there scheme.
> They pay between 2p and £2.00 per confirmed transaction!!!
> Advertisers are split into various categories so that
> the site is really easy to navigate and anyone can join as long as you are
> resident.
> For example just by clicking on an Insurance or load quote you can earn
between £1
> and £2 aslong as you fill in your correct details
> They pay by PAYPAL, cheque bank transfer or even cash
> I myself have just rcd a payment by paypal, There is no minimum payment
level you can
> even request £1 to be paid into your paypal account if that is your wish.
> So click on the following link to be taken direct to the site