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June 27th 03, 05:33 PM
A while ago I bought some CV paper and a pack of A4 wallets for holding CV's
complete with mailing envelopes stamped "CV Enclosed" from PC World.
PC World no longer do these wallets, in fact they didn't know what I was
talking about, which doesn't surprise me.
Anybody know anyone else who has these wallets, the CV paper is easy enough
to get.
thanks in advance

June 28th 03, 12:17 PM
"Panda" > wrote in message
> On Fri, 27 Jun 2003 18:04:52 GMT, "elyob" > wrote:
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> >"SM" > wrote in message
> ...
> >> want a really good tip for CV's
> >> print them on a light COLOURED paper, buff, yellow or something
> >> When employers look thru most are white, when you have yours in a
> >> that can easily retrieved and put something interesting and unusual in
> >> paper
> >>
> >> SM
> >
> >Does that mean I should make the background colour in my Word doc buff? I
> >only ever get to send my CV's to agencies, and I'm not sure what colour
> >paper they use, if at all ... :)
> >
> No - you will just use an awful lot of ink. I would suggest buying a ream
of decent paper in a light shade from Office
> World or Staples and keeping that just for CVs.

I was kinda hinting that I don't get to choose the paper, as I only get to
email my CV nowadays. :)