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June 29th 03, 09:59 AM
"Pete" > wrote in message
> On 28 Jun 2003 04:45:06 -0700, (Dino M) wrote:
> >I would like to know where in England I can purchase Thermacell Refill
> >Cartridges, to be used with a cordless styling brush. I am willing to
> >buy online or high street. If you could let me know where I can get
> >these from it would be most appreciated.
> Did you buy it in the States? A Google UK search doesn't bring up
> anything.
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> Pete
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Last ones my wife bought came from Argos, they were on the counter if my
memmory serves me right and she bought a couple of packs as the seem to be
harder to find recently. A quick look at www.argos.co.uk shows that they
have them at 2 for 3.99. The catalouge number is 440/5670.



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