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July 6th 03, 08:32 PM
Just to say yuo'll be lucky to win, I work for shell, and whenever comps
come up, I never here of more than 1 winner, even though ten are available,
a better bet is to save them unopened and near the end sell them on ebay
seen some of the previous offers selling for upto £50 for about 50 cards.

"DeeInLondon" > wrote in message
.. .
> several cars to be won - you need to collect cards with either a car or
> printed on it.
> If they match you win the car.
> Anyway I have a card for a Mercedes CLK Avantgarde - if you have the
> matching tyre card let me know and we'll go halves!! ;o)

Philip Spittle
July 25th 03, 09:48 AM
I have the following cards for matching 50/50 split if successful;
X5 Car
M3 Wheel
Z4 Wheel