View Full Version : "Brandon Tells His Story," A Free Substance Abuse Video

L. D. Abraham
October 31st 03, 06:27 PM
Brandon Tells His Story is a half hour video that brings Brandon's story to high
school students across the country. Activity Guide included with video. Running
time: 28 minutes

The advertisement reads: At the end of a long, tiring day, Brandon Silveria had
a few drinks at a party, managed to drive his friends home, then wrapped his car
around a tree. He spent the next two and half months in a coma and the next
three years in rehabilitation. His speech is slurred, his walk is unsteady and
his memory is permanently impaired. You'll hear first hand from Brandon what
it's like to fight every day to get his life back to where it was. You'll meet
his high school friends who are through college now and moving on. You'll get to
know the extraordinary Silveria family and begin to understand where Brandon
gets his courage. Most of all, you'll see how many lives can be changed forever
by one irresponsible decision.

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