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July 15th 03, 02:16 PM
The Secrets of the Stars Trivia Game from
Jackpot Hollywood!

A contest with Hollywood's hottest celebrities,
their big films, and their secret lives
to win your favorite DVD and VHS movies!
Our Star-of-the-Month for July is

Pick Your Prize Right Now - Charlie's Angles,
The Wedding Singer, Donnie Darko, Batman
Forever, Riding in Cars with Boys, Mad Love,
Wayne's World 2, Scream, Never Been Kissed,
Home Fries, Boys on the Side, and Ever After!

Compete against the world's best fans!
Free and easy!
And you can play for fun or play for the prizes!

PLUS 4 more contests with more free movies,
and much, much more!...Many winners each month!


For those of us who just can't ever get enough Hollywood!
See you there?