View Full Version : Fire Safety Audiocassettes, Videotapes, CD-ROMs and More

L. D. Abraham
November 13th 03, 09:45 AM
Free Fire Safety Audiocassettes, Brochures and Handouts, CD-ROMs, Job Aids,
Kits, Manuals and Reports, Posters, Technical Report Series, Videotapes, and
Online Information.

All freebies are available at www.Freebies.tk and are updated daily!

Jane Lane
November 13th 03, 05:53 PM
WOW! you have a great list of things on your site.
I see at the top of the page an offer to set up one's own online freebies
store, I don't suppose this is a very SIMPLE site, where one can simply type
in words and have a list? that is what I'm looking for. a site where all I
have to do is type in the words of a freebie and they go up. no graphics,
no tags, nothing of that wort. preferably when one types in a
www.website.com it will become and actual link like this one did, and will
take you to the site directly. I'd like to put up a who books worth of
freebies (mainly for kids) but want to just put it all up once and all
together. actually I have the freebies for kids (actually 2), one for home
schoolers, several lists for teachers and one for quilters/sewers. I'd just
like to put a big list up on a web site and then I can post the link on the
anyone else know of one like that?
Thanks for any help!