View Full Version : Jelly Belly is Open

L. D. Abraham
November 14th 03, 11:00 PM
Receive a free sample of Jelly Belly - the original gourmet jelly bean. They
offer at least 500 free samples to United States residents, and at least 100
free samples to Canadian residents every day, 365 days a year, even on holidays!

To ensure fairness to everyone who visits their website, they randomly change
the time they open the survey. That way, people who work or go to school at
various hours of the day all get a fair chance at receiving a sample. After you
take the survey, your Jelly Belly sample package should arrive within 3-4 weeks.

Last known time opened: 4:45 PM Eastern Time

USA: http://jellybelly.jellybelly.com/SurveyNew/survey.asp?country=us
Canada: http://jellybelly.jellybelly.com/SurveyNew/survey.asp?country=ca

All freebies are available at www.Freebies.tk and are updated daily!