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Erik Anderson
December 7th 03, 12:49 AM
Anybody try this?

"univ" > wrote in message
> This is a free email addresses finding program. It is written in
> Java. The program is just two Java class files which are the attachment
> files findaddresses.class and findaddresses$RemindTask.class. You need
> 1.4.2 or above installed on your computer in order to run it.
> For example, if you like to search email addresses about the
> furniture. And you like to do the searching no more than 3 hours, which is
> 180 minute, then in command prompt, you type:
> ./java findaddresses furniture 180
> Then wait a moment, the email addresses will start to pop up.
> Although, the email addresses are printed on the screen. But if you run
> program in Unix or Linux operating systems, you can log the output into a
> log file. After the program finished, the log file should contain the
> addresses. If the program finishes the searching before 3 hours, it will
> stop by itself. Please
> put both class files findaddresses.class and findaddress$RemindTask.class
> into same directory when run the program. Also your computer should have
> Internet connection.
> If you like this program, just send $5 to the following address. Or
> just feel free to use it and distribute it.
> Yu Yang
> 522 Bloomfield Ave
> Nutley, NJ 07110
> Make sure your check is payable to Yu Yang. If you have question, please
> send email to .
> Although the program only does the searching by one word each time,
> you may increase its searching amount many times by do the followings: If
> you have some experiences on computer programming, you can write a simple
> program to generate a batch file like following (If you do not have any
> experiences on computer program, just simply type the batch file by
> yourself)
> ./java findaddresses word1 timelimit1
> ./java findaddresses word2 timelimit2
> ./java findaddresses word3 timelimit3
> .
> .
> .
> ./java findaddresses wordn timelimitn
> In each line of batch file, you need specify the key word and time limit.
> After you finish generating the batch file. Then run the batch file and
> its output.