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Andre Boyle
July 5th 03, 09:03 PM
Hi all,

As I'm in desperate need of a new monitor I'm going to suggest something
which I hope you all find OK.

I would like to ask everyone to read through my opinions in dooyoo.co.uk.
This helps me get my new monitor as every time a member reads an opinion I
get 3p. If someone were to read all of my opinions I would get in the order
of £4 of amazon vouchers. As this adds up I can get that new monitor.

The target number of people I need to read my opinions is 80. If I can get
this number of people to read my opinions I would like to enter the names of
everyone who has read all of my opinions into a mini-draw for £50 of Amazon
vouchers. To make sure I know who has read the opinions just set that you
trust my account. Also reply to this message stating that you've read them.

The odds of you getting £50 of vouchers is therefore 1 in 80.

My account name is : AndreBoyle.

To find me in dooyoo just search for the user ANDREBOYLE and click to VIEW
ALL OPINIONS BY ANDREBOYLE after opening my profile. This lets you step
through my opinions (There's a few in there!)

For those people who read my opinions and set to trust me will also find
that I read all of their opinions.

Also, I hope you find some of my opinions useful in picking products.

I know that there are a few die-hard dooyoo-ers who will hate this idea and
flame me, apologies to them if this offends you. To those who don't ... I
look forward to drawing a winner (And my new monitor :) ).



Please remember that you MUST BE A DOOYOO MEMBER for this to work. I've got
thousands of reads, just not all from members and I get nothing for that.