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Stephen Parker
July 12th 03, 03:17 PM
Hi does any1 have a list of codes cause i missed em.

July 13th 03, 11:14 AM
"Serenity" <[email protected] off.fslife.co.uk> wrote in
message ...
> do a dejanews search
Is dejanews still in existance?? I thought google news took over.
I agree though. Enough codes have been posted over the months, unless the
poster doesn't know how to do a google search it is sheer laziness to expect
people to hunt out and post the code for you.

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July 13th 03, 04:35 PM
You are right that dejanews has been taken over by google, but old habits
die hard.
I find it easier to type in www.dejanews.com than all the google url