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July 12th 03, 09:38 PM
Hi I currently have quite a few refferals and also I am in the top 10 of the
games. I have e-mailed inquiring about prizes for both and just been
ignored. I know this because I e-mailed them asking if it was the correct
e-mail and got a response saying sure fire ahead. I must have sent about 4
inquirring into all this and NOTHING! I think I saw somewhere they had a
phone number I might try to give that a ring.
You can try e-mailing them, there's which it says on
www.dubit.biz but I'm not too sure that works. And then there's a worker who
I won my tickets from who is you'll have to let me know
what response you get.


Hey If you want to e-mail me back you have to remove Your-Wallet
Hi If your from the uk all you have to do is visit www.dubit.co.uk/agent and
put 22066 as the Agent Access Code to get a FREE T-shirt!

Oh and If your bored, sign up with neopets and have your own Virtual pet
(it's totally free)
"MagicFreebiesUK" > wrote in message
on the Agent Cody Banks website does anyone know how you claim your reward
for referring people.

I can't seem to get to the page where it says what the rewards are and how
to claim them.

Any help welcome and thanks in advance.