View Full Version : Re: VIEWING SKY - FREE !!!

Rev John
July 15th 03, 12:56 PM
Be aware I tried this but it didn't work, I walked out into the exercise
compound, laid down and looked up at the concrete bunker ceiling and saw
nowt. I was also abused physically by the guards/attendants and given an
injection in the buttocks that really stung!!

"Kolonel Kurtz" > wrote in message
> Free Sky viewing has finally been cracked by a boffin from the Outer
> Hebrides in Bonnie Scotland ...
> Simply open up your back door, walk into the your garden, lie down on your
> back .. look upwards ... voila .... FREE SKY ..... 8O)
> |||| Kolonel Kurtz ||||
> Remove the HEAD to reply ... 8O)
> .....'and I thought, "my god, the genius of that, the genius ....
> the will to do that; perfect, genuine, complete, crystalline, pure'.....

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