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July 16th 03, 03:09 PM
Hi just found out you only need 50 refferals to get an mp3 player. I need 3
more, can I please ask a favor that anyone who hasn't signed up sign up via
my refferal please? I really hope I get it, I can't believe I managed to get
47, if and when I get 50 I'll let you know what the mp3 player is like if or
when it comes.
P.S the refferal thing is in my signature.


Hey If you want to e-mail me back you have to remove Your-Wallet
Hi If your from the uk all you have to do is visit www.dubit.co.uk/agent and
put 22066 as the Agent Access Code to get a FREE T-shirt!

Oh and If your bored, sign up with neopets and have your own Virtual pet
(it's totally free)

July 16th 03, 03:23 PM
all u have to do to get the FREE T-SHIRT AND GET THE FREE MP3 PLAYER is just
visit the link


step 2: Enter the secret AGENT ACCESS CODE ABOVE : 16786

step 3 : Click Enter

step 4 : fill up your profile

step 5 : check ur email for confirmation of sign up...

You will receive ur t-shirt in a week or so, and for the mp3 player i hear
that u have to recruit 70 agents , so keep recruiting
ALSO there are 3 games that you can play, and if u come in the top 10 list,
that gets u the mp3 player too.
Good Luck

July 16th 03, 03:42 PM
"Chris Nelis" > wrote in message
> Hi,
> Where did you find this?

it's in a letter that comes with the t-shirt

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www.goldenagecomputing.co.uk .....please spread the word!

www.komputers4kids.co.uk ..... spread this word too!

July 16th 03, 08:45 PM
"-=PrOzAk=-" > wrote in message
> Compynei, with fanta people are creating multiple accounts for other
> in their family and entering on themselves.
You've created an account for your sister, and entered yourself.

>This is an entrely different situation.
No, really its not

>With Cody Banks I've done 1 account for my sister who to be honest isn't
very good with computers.
I have one for each family member, who to be honest may not be very good
with computers.

>So trying to prove me a hypocrite is just desperation as I seem to have
offended you to.
I don't take offence from silly little boys running around newsgroups.

>It only seems to be you and !..®..! who are offended
Again, I didn't take offence, I was just proving you to be the hypocrite.

>and it's only you 2 that are posting into other UK groups.
I posted in *one* group, that I am a regular of.

>Please just end this here as there's no point in arguing.

skater boi
if your from the uk go to www.dubit.co.uk/agent, and register for a free
tshirt. please use my code 43672 so i can earn points to hopefully get a
free mp3 player

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Helen Page
July 17th 03, 12:30 AM
spaceraider > wrote:
> Me next: 27220.

Then me... 90750
(only 49 to go!:))

July 18th 03, 08:17 AM
I have managed to recruit 30 new agents so far.

To recruit more agents, just tell them to register with this site using the
secret access code: 51917

only 20 more and i can get Luke a mp3 player for his 13th birfday :D