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Jane Swells
July 16th 03, 11:36 PM
all u have to do to get the FREE T-SHIRT AND GET THE FREE MP3 PLAYER is just
visit the link


step 2: Enter my secret AGENT ACCESS CODE ABOVE : 68174

step 3 : Click Enter

step 4 : fill up your profile

step 5 : check ur email for confirmation of sign up...

You will receive ur t-shirt in a week or so, and for the mp3 player i hear
that u have to recruit 70 agents , so keep recruiting
ALSO there are 3 games that you can play, and if u come in the top 10 list,
that gets u the mp3 player too. Hope we all win :))

Good Luck

Matt Robertson
July 16th 03, 11:56 PM
"Raiden" > wrote in message
> **** off with this dubit crap..

A lot more acceptably worded as my response would have been had I got in
first, but the sentiment is the same.....

July 17th 03, 04:40 AM
::compynei:: wrote:
> Shes spammed about every other UK group there is. Its now gone from a
> 'help me out' kinda thing to a SPAM kinda thing

I just noticed the extent of the crosspost of her second post in this
thread. After sending my original message to her I asked myself did I need
to say it like that (but that's me I say what I think most of the time)? But
I see my comment was warranted.

Remove your ******** to email me!

Andre Boyle
July 17th 03, 09:07 AM

What is there to inform about her.She's perfectly within the terms and
conditions of the use of the site.


July 17th 03, 12:03 PM
FFS... this is a CHILDRENS comp/freebie - you're all grown adults!