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Rachel Barratt
July 19th 03, 10:51 PM
In message k>, Rory
Barton > writes
>I have some old bits of computer equipment that I am trying to get rid of,
>the following are available:
>1 x 80 column dot matrix pritner
>4 x VT510/520 terminals (Screen + Keyboard)
>1 x Epson Sylus colour inkjet printer
>1 x Invoice printer (Serial connection)
>Sevaral printer switch boxes
>About a dozen PS/2 mouses
>If you are interested or have any questions please email me at
(You will need to remove teh NOSPAM bits)

Hello Rory,

I was unable to contact you directly. Is the colour printer still available?
Wrecclesham Youth Centre might be interested in it. I will ask the Youth
Leader on Monday.

To reply remove nospamplease from the address.

Rachel B.