View Full Version : Piglet Party Pack giveaway (toothbrush, etc)

Helen Page
July 20th 03, 06:03 PM
From "Woman magazine" (forgot to post it the other day):

"Persuading your kids to brush their teeth can be tricky. To make it easier
(and more fun), Oral-B and Disney have created the Piglet Party Pack to
coincide with the release of Piglet's Big Movie, in cinemas this summer. The
pack contains a great-looking Oral-B stage 2 toothbrush designed for two to
four-year-olds with a cushioned narrow head and an easy-grip handle
featuring a Winnie the Pooh design, a Disney Piglet's Big Movie mug, poster,
Piglet toy and toothpaste. Packs are worth £45 each and we have 40 to give
away. Send name and address to WOMAN/Oral-B Piglet Offer, PO Box 2740,
London W1A 5DQ by August 4 2003."