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Bob Harvey
June 30th 03, 06:43 PM
On Sat, 28 Jun 2003 22:12:41 -0500, Bev wrote:

> I stopped my long distance service and went with Onesuite. I also set it up
> where I don't have to key in a PIN number from the locations I dial from most
> often, so I'm very happy with it. I can remember having long distance bills in
> the $200's 18 years ago, and I could make the same calls now for a fraction of
> that.

I love, love, love these 800 access LD companies like OneSuite and
PinCity.com. Phone bills have gone from $100+ a month to a $20 recharge every
six months. I also dodge the universal service fee and other fees by having no
LD carrier. Well, ok, I do pay my fair share via the LD company, but no
$5 monthly charge for Universal service when I only had $3 in LD charges.

Bob Harvey