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Nick Pine
June 30th 03, 08:23 PM
From: French Government Tourist Office
Subject: E-News from France - June 2003 edition

>Mike's Bike Tours introduces Segway Tours
>After five years of guiding thousands of English-speaking visitors through
>Paris on bicycle, Mike's Bike Tours has just added trendy technology to
>their repertoire-tours on Segways. The Segway is the first of its kind-a
>self-balancing, personal transportation device that's designed to operate in
>any pedestrian environment. Since their introduction early this month, the
>day and night Segway tours have regularly sold out. The 4-5 hour tours,
>which are limited to six clients with one guide, guarantee a wonderfully
>personal and private experience. The day excursion offers a unique and fun
>way to orient yourself in the city. Glide your way from the Eiffel Tower
>through two parks to Napoleon's tomb via the remarkable Invalides and Arc de
>Triomphe to the Place de la Concorde, Louvre and Orsay Museum district and
>more. Choose the night tour and see why they call Paris the City of Light.
>The tour begins along the Seine to Notre Dame with a stop at Berthillon's
>for a taste of their famous ice cream, followed by a ride through the
>Louvre's famous Pyramid courtyard and continuing on to the bright lights of
>the Champs-Elysées. For more information on Segways/Mike's Bike Tours visit

....70 Euros.