View Full Version : How I Got My Best Data Rebate!

July 1st 03, 05:47 AM
Are you one of the many customers who purchased a Best Data modem from
OfficeMax or CompUSA based on price after mail-in rebate but have
never received your rebate from Best Data? After searching Google for
"best data rebate" I was surprised at how many people had encountered
the same problem with these crooks. Perhaps like me you submitted the
rebate inquiry form at bestdata.com more than once but were repeatedly
ignored. Perhaps you called them just to hear a recording telling you
to go to bestdata.com to fill in their rebate inquiry form! I was
getting nowhere with their little inquiry game so I decided to send an
email to their marketing department since that's where their rebate
schemes originate.

Here's the email I sent to their marketing department:

Subject: Serious Marketing Question
Date: Wed, 4 Jun 2003 00:07:34 -0400

I mailed in a $10 modem rebate nearly 18 weeks ago! I have filled in
the form on your website more than once but I never do receive a
reply. I bought the modem from OfficeMax because they advertised the
$10 rebate. Why don't you live up to your end of the deal?

I have copies of everything and will email them to you tomorrow.


Date of Rebate Submission: 01/16/2003
First Name: My First Name
Last Name: My Last Name
Address: My Address
City: My City
State/Province: My State
Zip: My Zip Code
Telephone: My Telephone Number
Email: My email Address
Offer ($20/$30/$40/Hub): $10
Comments: $10 rebate on modem purchased from OfficeMax.

I never emailed my photocopies because I got a reply the same day as

From: "Allan Hunter" >
Subject: rebate
Date: Wed, 4 Jun 2003 10:59:27 -0700

My Name
Your rebate check will be made out this friday. Your check should be
ariving sometime next week thanks for the email if you have any more
questions or don't recevive your rebate check with in two week please
feel free to call at (818) 773-9600 ext. 132

Rebate Department
Best Data Products
19748 Dearborn Street
Chatsworth, CA 91311

I finally got my $10 check on 6/9/2003 5 days after sending the email.
I figured that after 5 months I was not going to receive a check but
sending the right email to the right people got a response. It's sad
to think that the only customers who get their rebates from Best Data
are the ones to are persistent in persuing what's due them no matter
how small the amount. I mailed in over 20 rebates to other
manufacturers and stores during the 5 months I was waiting for a check
from Best Data and have since received them all without a hitch and
very timely too. In my opinion Best Data will cheat you if you let

Good luck in getting your rebate from Best Data in Chatsworth