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July 1st 03, 05:31 PM
Karen Wheless wrote:
> Finding good Hepburn quotes is hard - her movies weren't particularly
> quotable. But I looked up this one from Adam's Rib (one of my favorite
> movies) - this is an exchange between Hepburn and Tracy
> KH: What I said was true, there's no difference between the sexes. Men,
> women, the same.
> ST: They are?
> KH: Well, maybe there is a difference, but it's a little difference.
> ST: Well, you know as the French say...
> KH: What do they say?
> ST: Vive la difference!
> KH: Which means?
> ST: Which means hurrah for that little difference.

I like this one best because it seems to reflect the way the lady lived
her life. It's from "The African Queen":

In the film, Ms. Hepburn plays Rose Sayer, a repressed missionary who
has to accept a boat ride out of a jungle war zone from a profane,
scruffy Canadian named Charlie Allnut (Humphrey Bogart).

Miss Sayer is scandalized by Charlie's gin-soaked benders and refuses to
speak to him. Charlie protests that the need to drink is merely human

Crushingly, Miss Sayer tells him: "Nate-cha, Mistah Allnut, is what we
were put on Earth to rise above."