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Mike Ballard
July 3rd 03, 07:18 AM
On Thu Jul 03, ChrisW disturbed my nap when he said:

> a grain of salt). AT&T did not go bad until they were taken to court
> many many years ago because it was said it was a Monopoly, which it was,
> no argument there. But you know just because there is a monopoly does
> not mean that is a bad thing. If it were not for AT&T making the
> investment it did in research we would not be where we are today with
> telephones (land line type). Remember they made it possible to have what
> we have today.

I believe you have it backwards - the U.S. gov't made it possible to have
what we have today.

IIRC, AT&T (Bell Telephone?) was granted a 100-year monopoly by the gov't.
Bell's end of the deal was to wire the country (a standardized phone
system architecture). When the 100 years were up so was the monopoly. I
imagine the court battles in the 1980s were not that the breakup would
occur, but what form it would take.

So it's not like AT&T/Bell did all this in spite of the gov't - they did
it because of the gov't....



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