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Glen A Stromquist
July 3rd 03, 03:43 PM
Mike Copeland wrote:
> wrote:
>>What is the most frugal way of pumping water uphill? I want to keep my
>>header dam topped up!
> Put a large reduction gear on your hamster's wheel!
> Mike
years ago I saw a contraption a guy had on his homestead that would pump
1 part for every 2 (or 3) parts that passed thru it, he used it to fill
the tank that supplied water to his house. The only thing was that it
had to be in swift running water so he had built a small damm in this
creek and diverted some of the flow thru this thing, it was totally self
run, no outside power source needed etc. I wish I had found out more
about it at the time as I have not seen nor heard of anything similar
since then, it just ran away making a clicking noise every second or so.