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July 4th 03, 02:19 AM

What's your body worth? Try $45 mil

DNA, found in every cell, could fetch $9.7 million at $1.3 million per gram,
while extracting antibodies could bring $7.3 million. The accompanying article
did point out that the cost of living in a sterile plastic bubble could eat up
a lot of the profit from immune system sales.

Due to advances in science and biotechnology, vital organs are no longer the
most valuable body parts, the survey demonstrated. That distinction now belongs
to bone marrow at $23 million, based on 1,000 grams at $23,000 per gram.

By comparison, a lung was priced at $116,400, a kidney at $91,400 and a heart
was worth a mere $57,000, based on research of cost estimates from hospitals
and insurance companies.

On the reproductive front, the survey found a fertile woman could sell 32 egg
cells over eight years for a grand total of $224,000. To approach that amount,
a man would have to make 12 sperm donations a month for 20 years.

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