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Gordon Reeder
July 6th 03, 06:10 AM
(Ned Flanders) wrote in

>"William Meyer" <bill > wrote in message
>> oN 25-Jun-03, said:
>> > Old computers had these coax "RGB" output to the monitor (or
>> > TV).
>> > So what if I want to display my computer screen on my TV or send my
>> > DVD signal to my computer monitor? Shouln't there be like a $5
>> > adaptor to do that?
>> Your supposition is grossly simplistic. Have a look at www.matco.com
>> and look at their scan converters. Subject to certain limitations, you
>> may find something that will be adequate.
>My Dell laptop has a S video output, and it came with a S video to RCA
>adapter. No problem to output to a TV...

S-video is not the same as RGB video.

Just my $0.02 worth. Hope it helps
Gordon Reeder
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