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July 7th 03, 03:22 AM
On Sat, 05 Jul 2003 19:43:20 -0700, Old_Timer wrote:

>British Ford Cortinas were imported in the USA some years ago. About
>thirty years ago I had one in California.
> How often are required to have a MoT?

Every car has to have an MOT every year after it is three years old.
It's a fairly comprehensive safety check.

>That British road tax is not cheap by USA standards. Is the amount of
>that tax predicated on the size, value and/or horsepower of the car?

It's mainly related to the CO2 emissions

DH and I always pay the highest rate (£165/$250 per year) because we
buy the cheapest cars :-) Our current two cars cost us £50 and £350
to buy.

I'm not sure how our insurance compares to the US. Our insurance
(third party, fire and theft) on both cars for the next year has cost
us a total of £250 (~$400).

Julie S