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July 8th 03, 12:30 AM
"Pat Meadows" > wrote in message
> Some people here were kind enough to post encouraging
> messages and info when I said I had a tentative diagnosis of
> a ruptured disk in my spine (although the pain is really in
> my HIP).

Huh . . . I guess I missed that post . . . hate to hear it, though. Goes
to show ya, the good go first . . .

. . . s n i p . . .
> If it stops improving, they can shoot cortisone directly
> into the joint. This may never recur, according to the
> doctor. This is pretty much OK, then.

Maybe you can hold out and see if they'll give you some of that there
medicinal grade grass. May or may not work, but it's worth a good try.
Really, though, if things get out of hand with your hip, I knew a guy who
had his hip replaced (some sort of plastic & steel gizmo), and he's dancing
like Fred Astaire now. Maybe there's one in your future?
Good luck,