View Full Version : Re: OTW Pricing Observation

Bob Ward
July 8th 03, 02:29 AM
On Tue, 08 Jul 2003 00:17:59 GMT, Derald Martin >

>So, last night whilst engaged in a little light-duty online window
>shopping, I idly sent differently-worded queries about the same product
>to two vendors' sites that I certainly took to be separate entities,
>although I really didn't pay all that much attention. Neither site
>purports to be b2b, "wholesale" or off-price. This morning's email
>responses from each bore the same return email addy but there was a
>$3.00 difference between the prices quoted for quantity=1 of what I'm
>confident is the self-same low-priced commonplace item. Go figure...

Different how? You haven't worded your message in such a way that it
can be understood.