View Full Version : GE computer bulb = triple price soft white?

Don Klipstein
July 9th 03, 02:27 AM
I was at a supermarket earlier today and I noticed these General
Electric "Computer Bulbs".
The package says 60 watts, 840 lumens, 1000 hours average life
expectancy. Other than saying "COMPUTER BULB" on the top, they look
identical to regular soft white bulbs to me. And I believe that I am
enough of a light bulb nut to see a difference if there was any.
The package also says something about a special coating. The coating is
definitely more like that of regualr soft white bulbs than that on their
"reader bulbs". Besides, the regular soft white coating already diffuses
light nearly as well as any coating possibly could and not even their
"reader bulb" coating improves over the soft white coating by much.

Here's the kicker: $2.49 each. 4-packs of regular soft whites cost
only a little more - in fact less if you know where to shop (home centers,
K-Mart and Drug Emporium - although other drugstores charge convenience
store prices).

Now another recent GE bulb - they have a softer soft white. Unless they
made their regular soft whites a little less soft, they already had close
to as much light diffusion as possible with a lightbulb of that size. But
the softer soft whites do produce a few percent less light than regular
soft whites.

- Don Klipstein , http://www.misty.com/~don/index.html)