View Full Version : Ottlite - frugal replacement bulbs

July 10th 03, 11:41 PM
A local (to me) lightbulb shop sells a brand of bulbs/tubes that produce
light indistinguishable (to me) from that of a branded Ottlite tube. The
bulb I bought is a 13W-S made by ProLume. It has a CRI of 92 (Ottlites have
a CRI of 94) with an output temp of 5000K - a VERY white light
indistinguishable from the light put out by one lamp I have that still has
an Ott tube in it. The new bulb cost $6.95 plus tax.

Ottlite brand 13w bulbs typicall retail around here for about $26, and the
best online price I could find was $18.

http://www.lightbulbshop.net The gentleman who helped me told me that he
does a brisk mail order business and charges $6 for shipping. Even at
$13.95 for a single bulb (bulb cost plus shipping) this is a significant
savings over retail.

NAYY just a happy customer