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July 12th 03, 06:55 PM
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> Hello Frugal Folk!
> I have been reading this newsgroup faithfully for quite a while now,
> and it has come time to ask a question which I hope is not off topic.
> I have been dating my boyfriend for three years now, and up until a
> few months ago we both seemed very compatible in the money area, as we
> are both very frugal. We both cupon shop and watch what we buy. I
> guess I should have noticed that he enjoys dining out at very
> expensive (i.e. $50 per person) restaurants from time to time when he
> can afford it. He comes from a family with money.
> However, recently what might be a terrible incompatibility has been
> revealed. About 3 months ago he purchased a $3000 television/home
> theater system, last month spent $500 on a PDA. Last week he said he
> intends to buy out the rest of his family when his parents leave their
> home as an inheritance so he can live in it. This is currently a
> $400,000 home in an area where most homes cost $125,000 or so.
> I now think the reason he is frugal is in order to save up for the
> 'finer things in life' that he wants. This has only been revealed
> lately because he has only recently seen the fruits of his frugal
> efforts.
> The problem is that this is totally opposite from why I am frugal--I
> just want to live a simpler life and get out of the materialistic
> money trap I see so many families stuck in. I cannot imagine spending
> $3000 on television, or wanting the mortgage or maintenance of a
> $400,000 home. In fact, I think when I have children I wouldn't even
> want a tv! I see so many children these days as tv zombies.
> Is this doomed for failure? Have any of you had experience with the
> same exact means but to very different ends? Do you see eye-to-eye on
> why you are frugal with your partner, or have you been able to find a
> good middle groud?
> Any advice or stories would help. I am quite distraught at this
> realization.
> Thank you,
> Fringed


I read your post and was thinking now why can't I meet a woman like
that. I think he needs you to help him make better choices. Best
advice that I know is to try to understand his point of view. Men
like their toys. A couple of years ago, I made a similar purchase of
satelite TV equipment but I justified it by thinking of all of the
money that I could save on cable TV.

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