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July 13th 03, 01:48 AM
Strawbale Construction Workshop
August 22, 23 & 24, 2003 - Southern Minnesota (1 1/2 hour south of

The Church of Deep Ecology, in conjunction with Harvestbuild
Associates, will be offering an opportunity to learn about strawbale
construction and other natural building techniques.

Friday evening's presentation, "An Introduction to Natural Building",
is free and open to the public. Registration is required as space is

For a more thorough and hands-on experience with natural building,
please register for the weekend-long Strawbale Construction Workshop.

The workshop begins with the Friday evening presentation, and
continues Saturday and Sunday with the actual hands-on participation
in the construction of a strawbale building on a foundation of
discarded automobile tires. The building will be used as a classroom
and welcome center. It will be constructed of reclaimed and
bioregionally acquired materials.
Mark Hoberecht and Chris Fox will lead the workshop.
Mark Hoberecht has worked as an engineer for NASA for over 25 years,
with most of that time spent developing fuel cell systems for space
vehicles. His true passion, however, is natural building. Mark became
involved in the natural building movement back in 1995 while attending
Slippery Rock University as part of the Masters of Science in
Sustainable Systems (MS3) program. Mark understands the science of
green building, and is able to apply the appropriate building science
concepts to natural systems. He has successfully made the transition
from "rocket scientist" to "natural building scientist."

Chris Fox has a B.S. degree in Environmental Biology, and M.S. degree
in Industrial Engineering. He worked briefly for TRW as an engineer
after receiving his advanced degree, but shortly thereafter started
his own construction business - Chris Fox Construction Services. Chris
is a master carpenter and woodworker, apprentice timber framer and
accomplished natural builder.
Tentative Schedule

Friday, August 22, 7pm to 9pm

"An Introduction to Natural Building" - Free to the public

Saturday, August 23, 8am to 5pm

Wall preparation work
Door and window frames
Bale raising
Cob and light straw/clay work
Rough plastering

Sunday, August 24, 8am to 2pm

Remaining bale and straw/clay work
Rough plastering
Finish plastering
Concepts to be covered include:
Site considerations
Foundation options
Strawbale, cob and light straw/clay - where to use each and why
Natural finish options - featuring breathable earth and lime plasters
Roofing options

In order to be able to provide world-class instruction the cost for
the weekend long workshop is $190 if registration and payment are
received before August 1 and $250 if received thereafter.

Camping is free to all participants and meals may be provided for an
additional fee. Menus available Friday night.
To register send your payment for the workshop to :

Church of Deep Ecology
PO Box 16075
St. Paul, MN 55116

Details and Directions will be sent upon receipt of payment.

Please include address, phone number and email information with