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July 15th 03, 05:48 PM
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>1. What is the most frugal way to rid the house of fleas? It's about
>3K sq. ft. and has tall ceilings. I'd rather not bomb it.


>2. Can I use that "drop stuff" on the inside dogs if they're taking
>heart worm preventative and one may be expecting pups?

I'm pretty sure you can, but you'll need to get Advantage from your vet
anyway, so check before you do. DO NOT get stuff from the grocery store, Hartz
makes one that is NOT safe, just search on it if you want to hear the horror

If your vet charges a lot, also check on-line, although I think they want you
to have a prescription for it, but at least you can get the stuff. I only
needed to use it for a few months.