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September 28th 03, 05:01 PM

NEW International Online Payment System - ePay Direct

Get $5 USD for signing up! Plus commissions on 6 levels!
Send Dollars worldwide. To anyone with an email address.

Fund your account by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover & American Express), echeck, e-gold,
PayPal, Evocash, INTgold, Moneybookers, check, money order or netpay! Several of these options
allow you to fund your account instantly! Many withdrawal methods including paypal, check & wire

Merchants can accept online payments immediately with ePay Direct's Merchant Tools! A purchase
button on your site in 2 minutes. No approval process, no paperwork and you can use ePay Direct
with any MLM Program! No worrying about your account being confiscated. ePay Direct will only
"freeze" your account in the case of Spam or Fraud.

They also offer an international ATM/Debit card with a Mastercard logo for $25.00 USD. They are
currently taking orders. Payment is not being requested at this time, but should be shortly.
At last an online payment processor that will not "freeze" or suspend my account for activities
such as MLM or Income Opps and that I can obtain access to my eGold monies.

Open an accout now. It's FREE! And you get $5.00 USD in your account immediately!