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October 7th 09, 06:50 PM
On Oct 7, 7:12*am, 1949 Whizzer > wrote:
> On Oct 7, 5:03*am, wrote:
> > The mestizoes infesting America carry greasy crucifixes, display
> > knocked up girlfriends and wives, and leave their spore consisting of filthy
> > diapers in the street, Corona bottles on the roadsides.
> The word you wanted was "spoor", not "spore". Spoor comes to us from
> Afrikaans, the language of the Dutch colonists in South Africa and
> refers to the trail of an animal.
> But you're right. The spoor of a passing tribe of Mexicans is used
> disposable diapers, graffiti, used condoms, and broken beer bottles.
> They don't notice such things, since there is no trash collection in
> rural Mexico and the whole country is a dump.
> > The genes of the ancient inhabitents have been forever polluted by the
> > former negro slaves who intermarried with local riff-raff.
> The Mexica (meh-SHEE-ca) were a nomadic tribe of savages who wandered
> into the Valley of Mexico about 1000 years ago. They did NOT build the
> great pyramids at Teotehuacan, these were the creations of other
> tribes.
> Modern Mexicans, having no role models to be proud of, fantasize about
> being Aztec warriors, instead of realizing that they are the benighted
> descendants of savages that ate insects and snails and lizards and
> dogs and even retrieved the seeds of gourds they had already eaten
> from their dried feces, ground the seeds up and ate the resulting
> flour.
> The Spanish colonial system placed people in a hierarchy of 15
> different castes and classes, based upon the racial mixture of said
> person, and they didn't even manage to list all the racial mixtures.
> The "pure" White Spaniard was on top of the pile, but the second class
> citizen of Mexico could be of any race, as long as he was RICH, lived
> like a European, and was a devout Catholic. These people were called
> "castizos", or "puriefied ones".
> The Castizos could be Moors or Jews or Turks, or anything you can
> imagine, as long as they remained Catholics they were safe.
> The third class citizen of Mexico was called a "mestizo". He was part
> Spanish and part Mexican Indian. The animal nickname of this class was
> "coyote".
> The fourth class citizen was half Spanish and half Negro and was
> called a "mulato". The animal nickname of this class was "mule".
> There were also citizens who were part Negro and part Indian. These
> people were called "Zambos", or "Cafuzos". Venezuela's dictator is a
> Zambo, and so is Judge Sotomayor.
> In South America, there was a mixed breed class called "Jibaros",
> because they
> were related to the savage headhunters of the Amazon river.
> For all of the Spanish colonial system's careful eugenic charting,
> they still missed
> classifying the various possible mixtures of Asians with Spaniards,
> Indians, and Negros.
> Modern Mexicans call a Mexican who looks Chinese a "chino", and that
> is probably his actual ancestry, since the Spanish treasure galleons
> often brought
> kidnapped Filipinos to Mexico and left them there. The typical
> Filipino is decended from Malay pirates and Chinese shopkeepers.
> Some Mexican anthropologist invented the term "Celestial Race" to
> describe the
> multi-racial Mexican whose DNA literally comes from all over the
> planet.

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