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Default What's the best place to buy a wrist watch?

Cub wrote:
My question is, are there any shops (online or offline), that
specialise in watches, and offer good value?

If you have that much money to burn why ask hear for "discount shops"

that money could save a life , think of others

And your point is what? So should everyone live in a forest under a
self-made shelter, hunt for food and give all their wages away to charity?
That would seem to be the logical conclusion of your arguement. If you want
to give money to charity then that is your choice. If I choose to spend my
money on enjoying life, then again that is my choice - I put the work in to
gain the skills and qualifications that give me my earning power, why should
I not enjoy it myself?

And the way that a lot of wealthy people keep their wealth is to not **** it
away overpaying for things. If you can buy a car at a dealer for 15k, or
buy it online for 13k for the exact same package deal, why pay the extra?
If however you want to buy a car that costs 100k then why not try and find
it cheaper - if you can get 5k knocked off then that`s money left in the

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