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Default What's the best place to buy a wrist watch?

Narayana Vyas Kondreddi wrote:
I have finally decided to treat myself to a nice watch :-) After lots of
window shopping I decided to buy Rado Ceramica wrist watch. Watches from
this collection are ranging from 850 to 950 in the high street.

My question is, are there any shops (online or offline), that specialise in
watches, and offer good value?

Probably not.

However, note that the margin on watches is high, at least 100% markup.
I bought a watch from Goldsmiths using Tesco vouchers (200 vouchers
for 800 watch). The assistant confided that they could afford to do
it because the margins are so high - they receive much less than 800
from Tesco.

It's unlikely though that any retailer will give you a good discount.

These luxury goods are designed to have a pointless markup, to increase
the desirability of the goods.