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Default What's the best place to buy a wrist watch?

Quality ! noooooway

you pay for the name , if it was value for money you should be able
to take it to another dealer and get waht you paid for it

Where did I say it was value for money? What I said was that if you can
pay more for a higher quality item, why not do so? Value for money isn`t
particularly relevant if you`re paying 1000 (or indeed a lot more) for a
watch. You`re buying something you want, and you feel that it is worth
the money. For example, I know people that would struggle to bring
themselves to pay 10 a head for a meal. For myself the happy maximum per
head for a meal would be about 50-75. I know some people who will
happily pay 300 a head for a meal. We are all happy with what we pay for
the food and the quality of the food, but I wouldn`t say that my food is 5
times better than the cheaper meal, or that the expensive meal is 30 times
better. The fact is that we all have individual budgets and spend what we
like within those budgets.

Yeahbut, some Skoda's are actually better than all the other cars in their
class. They just don't carry the same qudos, and, they are deliberately
styled to make them a 'value' product that doesn't interfere with the higher
market segments.

For any product, you can pay any price, but value is where you find it.